UGoKite Linemount & Kitemount

Why UGo Kite & Linemount?

Made from ABS-plastic, UGo Kite & Linemount is perfect, to get the best photos and videos of your kitesurf sessions. All those unforgetable moments, captured from new unique perspectives.


But also for analyzing and progressing while training new tricks and manouvers those shots are a perfect basis for your progression. 

The difference?


- made up for maximum camera stabilization

- innovative design

- easy and fast installation

- easy access to your cam

- lkeight weight and maximum stability

- works with your safety system

- compatible with all commen actioncams

*for standard 2mm-Lines (4-and new 5-line kites)

cheap kitelinemount
cheap kitelinemount

GoPro Essentials says:

very sport or activity has its limitations when it comes to how many angles you can get with your GoPro. With kitesurfing you are pretty limited, the most popular place is probably the tip of the board where most people mount their cameras. You can, of course, use the helmet mounts, wrist mounts, chest harness and if you are an experienced rider you can probably use a pole every once in a while.

Another great perspective for kitesurfers is the birds’ view – meaning you can either mount your GoPro to the strut of the kite of use a line mount.

I have tried both and although you can get a very wide overview with the strut mount It`s a bit too far for my taste, I guess I`m a bit too vain – I want more ME in the frame. So I have previously used a cheap Chinese kite line mount like this:


It`s a pretty simple mount and costs about 4-8 Euro. It’s basically a small plate with the GoPro quick mount base and four sets of “hooks”. The three hooks are placed facing each other so it`pretty much keeps the line in place. It feels quite secure once the lines are tensioned but when the lines are laying on the beach you need to pay attention cause the lines might slip out. So if you are still using this mount I suggest using a short piece of string to secure your camera in case you crash your kite and the mount comes out. The camera is in portrait mode unless you add a pivot arm and but the biggest issue with it is security. t has NINE hooks that can easily catch you steering line when you do rolls or when you crash or launch and a deathlooping kite can easily follow…


The pics and videos you can get while using UGoKite Linemount speak for themselves anyway.


U.Go Linemount has a different approach to mounting your GoPro to your kite lines. Invented and developed under the blazing sun of Brazil and having the luck of constant winds it`s only natural that a kitesurfing mount comes out of kiting paradise.

It`s a U shaped arch made with ABS injection molding technology. The KEY feature in my mind is its safety – no hooks that can grab onto your steering line and get you killed. The lines run through the sides of the U. You still have the camera itself that can cause issues, but still a HUGE step up in my mind and I feel a lot better doing rolls and stuff without a small hammering panic at the back of my head thinking that the next time I spin the bar the lines will get tangled. advises you to use a line tether just in case I have not used it. The mount feels secure and I can`t imagine a situation where the sliders can slip out and you might lose the camera.


You mount the camera the right way up so you have the frame in landscape mode – they way it`s supposed to be unlike what you get with the 2USD mount so that`s another win for the U.Go team.


So the mount is safe, easy to use, looks solid and tough and has the mount the right way up, but how does the framing look like?

As you can see the mount sits a bit further back so you see a bit less of the Y intersection, and that is good. You can probably slide it even a bit more up and since one of the sliders has a rubber floor the mount will stay in its place and will not slide down.


The angle is best when the kite is low – opposite to the Chinese version – which I like because most of the time I keep the kite lower than 45 degrees and the fun tricks are lower also.


Keeping it short, because the product is simple and works well – by far the biggest upside of U.Go Linemount is the clean design that makes it a very safe mount. Kitesurfing is fun but if your lines get tangled shit can hit the fan really fast and really hard. That`s why I have been hesitant to using the Chinese contraption but with U.Go Linemount I feel a lot more relaxed on the water. And that`s what it`s all about right? besides getting kickass shots to post in Instagram later.


What I love about the U.Go Linemount

  • Amazing build quality
  • Holycarbonate is pretty bombproof
  • versatile
  • ultra fast to switch between mounts
  • compatible with all GoPro mounts

Things I don`t like:

  • The sliders must be clean of debris to so you need to rinse them before you mount it, but that`s not really a negative rather a thing to keep in mind

U.Go Linemount – Final Verdict:

Get it. If you are into kitesurfing and you are tired of the same old view from your toes get the U.Go Linemount and change things up a bit. You will love the angle, it`s almost like a friend following you and filming you.


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More Products to come...