UGoKite - LineMount and Kitemount

From now on with different rods (thickness) to adjust different lines.

Being a pro, or not.

The best and most clever actioncam-mounting-system for ur unique photos and videos.


The design of the kitelinemount is led by our attempt on maximal camerastability to get you the best photo- and videoimpressions while kitesurfing.


UGo Kite & Linemount is compatible with GoPro® and all common actioncams.

Why UGoKite Germany?

By starting UGoKite Germany the best linemount on the market ist now available for the Baltic and North Sea and all the beautiful spots in Europe and the whole world.


No other mounting system offers a comparable and safe way of attachment. Your next kitetrip will show out in awesome photos and videos. Perfect for taking all those impressions out of your sessions. Those unique moments on the water from new extraordinary perspectives.


But also for analyzing your training and trying new tricks and maneuvers those recordings make a perfect match for your progression.


Never again shaky pictures due to cheap mounts from the far east. Never again the same old view showing your feet all the time. You’re going to use your cam more often and also record your friends on the water when you’re riding together. 

Comparable Systems

Comparable systems like Beatsmount or Camrig, are difficult to attach and often feel shaky while riding.

Compability with actioncams

Unsere UGokite Linemount funktioniert mit allen gängigen Actioncams wie der GoPro®, GoPro® Hero 6 Black

GoPro® Hero, GoPro® Session, Sony HDR-AS50 und FDR-X3000R, Somikon NX4224, Rollei Actioncam 430, Olympus TG-Tracker, Garmin Virb Ultra 40 und vielen weiteren Systemen.

Compability with kites of different brands

Our UGokite linemount works with all common actioncams like GoPro®, GoPro® Hero 6 Black, GoPro® Hero, GoPro® Session, REVL, Sony HDR-AS50 und FDR-X3000R, Somikon NX4224, Rollei Actioncam 430, Olympus TG-Tracker, Garmin Virb Ultra 40 and many other systems. 

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